Types OF Cosmetic Brushes

Cosmetic brushes are needed for the recently trimmed eyebrows, for gorgeous eyes and lips and a tender face. Beauty is achieved by using the right brushes for the right job. This article is going to help you in knowing the various types of cosmetic brushes and their uses.

Concealer brush

Not all people are blessed with perfect skin. You can use this brush for hiding the few blemishes on your skin. However, many individuals use their fingers in applying the concealer on the skin’s blemishes. A concealer brush will help you in doing a better job instead of just relying on your fingers. To achieve, better results, you should pick the recommended amount of concealer using your brush and then apply it gently on the spots. If you are interested in applying a foundation, you are advised to conceal all the blemishes or spots first. This brush should be washed thoroughly after use.

Eye shadow brush

The brushes come in different designs and shapes. You are supposed to have the two types of the eyeshadow brushes: the crease brush and the flat, stiff brush. A cease brush is tighter and smaller as compared to the flat, stiff one. It is used for adding depth to the corners and crease of the eyes. on the other hand, the flat, stiff brush is used for applying the eyeshadow on your lid. It is medium is size.



This is a unique cosmetic brush which resembles the mascara wand. It is used for putting the eyebrows gently in line. You can also use it for applying the eyebrow gel. Some experienced users are capable of using this brush in softening the colour of their eyebrow after filling and lining.

Lash and brow comb

This is a two-sided comb. One of its sides has a comb, and the other one has bristles. These bristles are used for brushing and grooming the eyebrows gently. The combed side can also be used for the same purpose but it very useful in separating the eyelashes after application of mascara.

Foundation brush

Just as its name suggests, this brush is used for applying the foundation. However, there are some people who use their hands when applying this foundation, but this is not recommended. Your face should be prepared by cleaning it thoroughly before using the foundation. Once you have prepared your face, you can use this brush to pick the recommended amount of foundation. The amount of foundation applied is dependent on the preferred or needed coverage.