Signs You Should Know if You Need a Cosmetic Surgery Facelift

surgical facelift

We all want to look young and tender throughout our lives. Old is said to be gold, but no one wants it to show on the face. It can show somewhere else at least. If you notice that the effects of old age are showing on your face, you need a facelift to restore your young looks. Here are a few signs you should know if you need a cosmetic surgery facelift.

Scars and sunburns

If you have had a scar on your face throughout your life, you notice that it looks bigger and more conspicuous as you grow older. Your skin may also appear to be sunburned. These are clear signs that you need a facelift. You need these scars to be concealed expertly so that your skin looks flawless.

Dark spots under sunken eyes

face spotsDark spots on the face mainly come with old age. These spots normally occur in the area under the eyes. The eyes also appear to have sunk deeper in their sockets. A qualified cosmetic surgeon can wipe these dark spots and leave your eyes glowing like they did when you were 12 years old! One good thing about facelifts is that the success rate is high. Therefore, you expect to regain your vibrant looks once you go for one.

Deep folds

Deep folds need to be smoothened if you are to look younger. As you grow older, the facial skin becomes more fibrous and less elastic. The fat under it gets thinner and thinner. That is why fold lines become more pronounced especially between the mouth and the nose. If you notice these folds getting deeper and deeper, go for a facelift before things get worse.


Apart from taxes, the other thing that is a guarantee in life is wrinkles. To some people, wrinkles start showing earlier than expected. According to Arthur Shektman, a Boston based surgical facelift expert, the process involves tightening facial tissues and lifting them so that the patient looks both younger and better in looks. It is, therefore, a sure way of reducing, if not eliminating wrinkles.

Sagging skin

Sagging skin on your face and the neck is a clear sign that you need to have a rhytidectomy. A facelift involves the removal of the excess sagging skin so that the natural contour lines of a young face are restored.sagging facial skin

Jowls on the jaws and cheeks

Jowls on the face occur when facial tissues lose volume. When jowls occur, most people wear scarves to hide their aging face and neck. For how long will you hide old age with a scarf? Visit a cosmetic surgeon and have a facelift. It will leave you looking and feeling better.

In summary, you need a facelift whenever your facial skin doesn’t look the way you want it to, even if you are young. Facelifts are, however, very common among the older people. You may be aging gracefully, but if you look older than the way you feel, you need to have a facelift to boost your confidence and rejuvenate your social relationships.