Best tips when choosing the tubing mascara


Tubing mascara is a new trend in beauty and fashion whereby women boost the length and boldness of their eyelashes. A good mascara is judged on various factors like the curl, volume, and length. One of the best mascara is the tubing mascara that is uniquely designed to enable the women to apply the desired mascara.  Let us look at some of the tips when choosing the tubing mascara.

Best tips

The type


There are three different types of mascaras. If you have short eyelashes, then the best option for you will be to choose the tubing mascara that will lengthen your eyelashes. The lengthening mascara will allow you to style the eyelashes into the full lashes through its evenly-spaced bristles. The second type of mascara is the curling part that will allow you to curl and lift the eyelashes. Last but not least is the volumizing or the thickening mascara that will give your eyelashes the thick and bushy look. This is the most popular type of mascara to many women since it gives them a seductive look.


It is critical to note that different manufacturers make different types of mascaras. Before choosing the ideal mascara to use make sure that you choose those that are made by the best manufacturers in the industry. Quality equally counts in this field just like the many other fields. When you purchase mascaras made by the best manufacturers you can be assured that you will use something that is up to standard and one that will not pose any danger to your sight.


The formula of the mascara is also essential because it will determine the type of eyelashes that you will end up with. Most of the new mascaras use the particular polymers and not the waxes and oils that were popular with the traditional mascaras. One benefit of the special plastic polymer is that when used in the mascara it allows it to dry and surrounds the surface of the eyelash. This is imperative since it assists in the volumizing and lengthening of the eyelashes.



Various colors can be applied on the mascara. This is a question of personal preference since there are people who love certain colors than the others. To select the best mascara you have to be careful so that it perfectly fits your skin and eye color. Choose the one that works best for you.