Things You Should Know Before You Get Permanent Lash Extensions


For those who feel that their lashes are short, you can have them extended. You have probably seen models and music stars with longer than average lashes. Those are extensions, and you can as well have them. For your heads up, here are things you should know before you get permanent lash extensions:


They Are Customizable

You will not be leaving the salon looking like you just had a permanent strip drawn across your lashes. You will have the extensions trimmed to your required size. They will just look like natural only that they are longer.

You Can Still Wear Cosmetics

sadsadFor the best part, with permanent lash extension is that you will no longer need eyelash curler or mascara. However, this does not mean that you can no longer use makeup. If you love eye makeup, knock yourself up and look the best. The only thing you have to keep away from is the oily type.

How Long Can The Extensions Be

For most salons, they can do extensions from 9-15 millimeters. You can choose your length from this range of options. For many and from experience, the sweet spot is between 10-12mm. Therefore, this might be useful for your consideration.

Let The Professionals Remove Them

If you want your lash extensions removed, have a professional do it. This way you will be sure that your natural lashes remain intact.

The Process Will Take 90 To 120 Minutes

If you thought it would take less than an hour to get the extensions, you are wrong. The shortest you could expect it to last is one hour and a half. The longest could go for 2 hours or even more. However, it does hurt, the only thing you have to contend with is sitting down for that long.

Your Natural Lashes Will Not Be Damaged

As long as lash extensions are done the right way and by the right expert, you should not worry about your natural eyelashes. They will remain intact. Do not pull or pick on them. It is as simple as that.

The Results Will Depend More On The Expert You Choose

You should be careful with your choice of who does the job on your lashes. It will only be as good as the expert you have chosen. Go to a reputable salon with the right experts. See some of their past work before you give them the nod.

Now you know it all. To give your lashes the much-needed extension, you have it all for yourself. Make informed choices for your beauty.